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Customize A Can with CustACan, A Patent Pending Can Insulator

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Welcome to the innovative and NEW way to insulate and cover your cans. CustACan® is a patent pending, form fitting, bottomless neoprene beverage can insulator. Featuring side wall stitching and long lasting elasti prints®. This is the same application used on high performance fabrics. The word CustACan® stands for Customize A Can. 

The idea came to our founder during a camping trip in 2014. Mike was drinking from a can with a KOOZIE® covering it, He got up to restock the fire but had to put his beverage down. It wouldn't fit in the chair or cooler cupholders because the material was too thick, so it ended up on top of the cooler. The can ended up spilling all over the ground after the cooler was accidentally bumped. Mike thought to himself, there has to be a better design. Soon after CustACan® was born. A thinner, bottomless beverage can insulator that covered the entire can label.



CustACan® has no bottom, so it is more tip resistant and you never have to worry about a soggy bottom. CustACan® is made from a thinner neoprene, is more form fitting, and covers the entire can label, so it is the sexy way to cover your cans. It also fits into more cup holders and protects the top of the can from sun exposure. The back of a CustACan® features a lip cutout so your lips will not touch the fabric. Finally, CustACan® uses 20% less material than the KOOZIE®, so it is more environmentally friendly. Help us save the planet, one cold can at a time and Customize A Can today with CustACan®!

Custom Orders


Custom orders can be turned around within two weeks once your artwork is approved. Custom orders can be done for as low as $0.85 per unit depending on your quantity and number of ink colors. The best way to get started is to send a text message to 610-331-5357 with your name and email address requesting a customization guide, which includes pricing information. Let's get customizing some cans!


CustACan® Advantages Over The KOOZIE®

Check out this cheesy infomercial style video showing some of CustACan®'s advantages over the KOOZIE®.

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